We build beautiful sites. 

Trying to launch that travel blog you've been talking about for years? Need a place to showcase your impressive art portfolio? Startup idea that needs a digital presence? A new online store?

We've got you covered - just take a look at some of the sites we've built for clients.

Best selling author Leonard Petracci had this to say about working with us: "Absolutely incredible working with LightUp Designs. As an author, I want to spend my time writing, not building sites, and they made everything easy!  From color schemes to product funneling they handled it all based on my preferences and it looks fantastic. Incredible improvement compared to what I had before - now I have a professional presence online that draws new audiences in. Already I notice the increase in sticky traffic.  Now I'm confident using ads to drive people to my work, and my fans love it!

Award-winning author Cordelia Kingsbridge offered this praise: "I put off building a professional website for years because I was so intimidated by my own lack of experience with graphic and website design. LightUp Designs took all of that stress off of my shoulders and crafted a beautiful, user-friendly site while explaining the process every step of the way in language that was easy for a layperson to understand. They did an amazing job of translating my abstract vision into gorgeous reality. Now Iā€™m so much more confident in the quality of my branding and professional presence!"

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